Windmills use the power of the wind. They are these imposing features found everywhere in the world to serve the energy needs of cities and villages alike. They provide a clean and durable energy. Using the windmills website templates, you will be able to showcase the great qualities of these machines and show the wind farms and wind parks of the world, from Denmark and Spain to the United States. The windmills website templates will show the beauty and the usefulness of windmills to the visitors. You will be able to list the various settings that result in the best output from the windmill: its location, the wind turbulence, the Venturi effect, the proximity of lakes and seas, a location between mountains or atop hills, the nature and resistance of the ground, the location accessibility, and the various sizes of the windmills. You will also be able to show the latest generations: silent windmills, hurricane-resistant windmills, cable-stayed and streamlined windmills (that can be lowered to the ground in 45 minutes).